Upcoming events

    • 13 Dec 2017
    • 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Kensington Community Center, Arlington Ave & Kensington Park Road, Kensington, Calif.

    GPFF Holiday Dinner
    Wednesday December 13th.
          Our Holiday Dinner will be held on the regular Wednesday night meeting in December, beginning at 6:00pm. This is a well attended informal evening and a chance to get to know other club members. Please consider inviting someone you do not know well to sit at your table.

    The chair person for this event is Linda Friedman. Since parties are not organized on a wing and a prayer, GPFF needs your help.  If you can volunteer, please choose one of the options when registering on the website. Most volunteer spots are full, but we need a few more for clean-up. Please volunteer.

    GPFF supplies turkey, salmon and ham. Soft Drinks & beer, at the regular donation, will be available. You may bring your own wine.

    You will be asked to bring either an appetizer, salad, side, or dessert dish. This will be determined after sign ups are complete.

    Register on the website!
    You must RSVP by December 9th.

    Non club members are welcome to attend. We just need to know how many tables to set up and the number of people to plan for.

    Thank You
    • 16 Dec 2017
    • East Walker or East Carson
    Updated 12/10/2017

    East Walker or East Carson, to be decided at the last moment.  One day trip.   Todd Pond, organizer.

    Why go Christmas shopping when you can go Christmas fly fishing? I am planning a trip to the eastern side for December 16th, either the East Carson or East Walker.

    If fishing the East Carson, we can leave my house at 5:30am, it’s a three hour drive. The East Carson is one of the most beautiful rivers around in California. We will fish the scenic and wild section which will require hiking, most likely about 4 miles. The river starts in the pines and flows through a beautiful meadow then into a desert canyon. We will be catching mostly native rainbows, and maybe an occasional brown.

    If fishing the East Walker, it’s best to leave the night before and camp/hotel near the river. We will either fish the California or Nevada side. Either way, we will be catching mostly brown trout and an occasional rainbow. I know the East Walker river well.

    Please prepare for cold weather conditions and pack enough food for a day on the river. This trip may be canceled at any time due to river, road and or weather conditions. If interested, please contact me, Todd, at or call me at 510-520-4485.

    • 06 Jan 2018
    • Oroville, CA

    Updated 12/04/17

    Fishmaster: Roger Wachtler


    Jan 6 (Sat) 2018. Meet up at 7:15AM in downtown Oroville across from the fish hatchery in the parking lot next to the viewing gazebo.

    Have your 2018 license and steelhead card filled out. Walmart Oroville has steelhead cards open 24/7. Also order online at

    Exit Hwy 70 turn right onto Montgomery st.
    Continue several blocks turn left on Oliver St.
    Turn left at dead end on Arlin Rhine Memorial Dr.
    Meet at gazebo viewing stand within a few feet.

    We are going starting earlier than normal in the AM. Do not be late, by 8AM all the holes will be taken by locals as this is the first weekend of access above hwy 70. All the steelhead are up by the hatchery now, few stragglers down on the wildlife area. No salmon present. Do not speed near the farms south of Oroville you will get a ticket. Also fog in the AM.

    Rubber legs/egg pattern droppers early till 10am then maybe switch to nymphs. Green caddis pupa, princes, red copper johns, micro mays.

    Lodging at Motel 6/restaurant in parking lot available for those wishing to spend the night. Cheap.

      505 Montgomery St
      Oroville, CA 95965
      Phone number 530 532-9400

    GPFF strongly encourages car pooling. Email me to coordinate rides, or, more generally, if you have questions..

Past events

13 Nov 2017 Low-water Steelhead - TRINITY RIVER
08 Nov 2017 GPFF Club Meeting
08 Nov 2017 Striper Fishing on the Delta
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13 Sep 2017 Owens River Area
10 Sep 2017 Solano Stroll Sunday
26 Aug 2017 East Walker (PICKUP GUIDE TRIP)
23 Aug 2017 High-Sierra (Mild) Backpacking
12 Aug 2017 Lower Yuba (UC, RESCHEDULED)
09 Aug 2017 GPFF Club Meeting
30 Jul 2017 Tuolumne Area Streams-CANCELLED
15 Jul 2017 Owyhee or Upper Sac (PICKUP TRIP)
06 Jul 2017 Southwest Montana
17 Jun 2017 McCloud (PICKUP TRIP)
14 Jun 2017 GPFF Club Meeting
08 Jun 2017 Burney Area (Novices encouraged, more slots added)
13 May 2017 East Walker (PICKUP TRIP)
10 May 2017 GPFF Club Meeting
04 May 2017 Deer Creek (Regular season opener, novices encouraged)
15 Apr 2017 Upper Owens (PICKUP TRIP)
12 Apr 2017 GPFF Club Meeting
21 Mar 2017 Coastal Steelhead (Rescheduled)
18 Mar 2017 34th Annual Auction - Saturday, March 18th 2017
04 Mar 2017 Eastern Sierra (PICKUP TRIP)
08 Feb 2017 GPFF Club Meeting
04 Feb 2017 Eagle Canyon Trout Lakes (OCC)
11 Jan 2017 GPFF Club Meeting
07 Jan 2017 CANCELLED! Lower American - Steelhead
31 Dec 2016 East Walker (PICKUP TRIP)
14 Dec 2016 GPFF Holiday Dinner
10 Dec 2016 Lower Feather River - Possible Steelhead
09 Nov 2016 GPFF Club Meeting
31 Oct 2016 Trinity - Steelhead
20 Oct 2016 McCloud River (October Caddis, FREE camping)
06 Oct 2016 Eastern Sierra
20 Sep 2016 Oregon
15 Sep 2016 GPFF Beginning Fly Fishing Class
14 Sep 2016 GPFF Club Meeting
11 Sep 2016 Solano Stroll Sunday
17 Aug 2016 20 Lakes Basin Backpacking
10 Aug 2016 GPFF Club Meeting
13 Jul 2016 NO REGULAR GPFF Club Meeting Tonight
09 Jul 2016 Southwest Montana
09 Jun 2016 Burney Area (Novices encouraged, FREE camping)
08 Jun 2016 GPFF Club Meeting
21 May 2016 Deer Creek (Novices encouraged, FREE camping)
11 May 2016 GPFF Club Meeting
30 Apr 2016 Trinity Alps (Regular Season Opener)
23 Apr 2016 Lower Yuba (UC Property)
13 Apr 2016 GPFF Club Meeting
10 Apr 2016 GPFF Conservation Work Party
25 Mar 2016 East Walker (PICKUP TRIP)
12 Mar 2016 33rd Annual Auction - Saturday, March 12th 2016
15 Feb 2016 Rogue River STEELHEAD
13 Feb 2016 Beginners Fly Fishing Clinic
10 Feb 2016 GPFF Club Meeting
06 Feb 2016 Lower Feather River - Possible Steelhead
13 Jan 2016 GPFF Club Meeting
09 Jan 2016 Lower American - Steelhead
09 Dec 2015 GPFF Holiday Dinner
05 Dec 2015 Klamath - Steelhead (DATES FINAL)
20 Nov 2015 Leo's Striper Clinic
11 Nov 2015 GPFF Club Meeting
08 Nov 2015 Trinity - Steelhead (DATES FINAL)
22 Oct 2015 McCloud River
14 Oct 2015 GPFF Club Meeting
04 Oct 2015 Eastern Sierra
16 Sep 2015 South Fork San Joaquin Basin
13 Sep 2015 Solano Stroll Sunday
09 Sep 2015 GPFF Club Meeting
26 Aug 2015 Little Lakes Basin (Backpacking, note date change)
12 Aug 2015 GPFF Club Meeting
03 Aug 2015 Oregon
12 Jul 2015 Montana
08 Jul 2015 No Regular GPFF Club Meeting Tonight
28 Jun 2015 Plumas National Forest
11 Jun 2015 Trinity Alps
10 Jun 2015 GPFF Club Meeting
04 Jun 2015 Shad Fishing 2015 (Tentative)
28 May 2015 Burney Area
13 May 2015 GPFF Club Meeting
02 May 2015 Deer Creek (Note Date Correction)
12 Apr 2015 Rogue River Skagit Clinic (DATES SETTLED)
08 Apr 2015 GPFF Club Meeting
31 Mar 2015 Kings River (Garnet Dike)
14 Mar 2015 32nd Annual Auction - Saturday, March 14th 2015
08 Mar 2015 GPFF Conservation - Spring Work Party Sunday, March 8
28 Feb 2015 Beginners Fly Fishing Clinic
11 Feb 2015 GPFF Club Meeting
07 Feb 2015 Lower Yuba (UC Property)
17 Jan 2015 Lower American - Steelhead
14 Jan 2015 GPFF Club Meeting
10 Dec 2014 GPFF Holiday Dinner
06 Dec 2014 Lower Yuba (UC Property) REDIRECTED - HIGH WATER
16 Nov 2014 Trinity - Steelhead
12 Nov 2014 GPFF Club Meeting
08 Nov 2014 Lower Feather River - Steelhead
24 Oct 2014 McCloud
08 Oct 2014 GPFF Open House
03 Oct 2014 Eastern Sierra
19 Sep 2014 Kings Canyon
29 Aug 2014 Middle Stanislaus
01 Aug 2014 Tuolumne Meadows
19 Jul 2014 GPFFC Picnic
25 Apr 2014 Truckee River and Pyramid Lake
29 Mar 2014 Putah Creek
08 Mar 2014 Lower Yuba
15 Feb 2014 Amador Lake
18 Jan 2014 Lower Stanislaus River
01 Dec 2013 Lower Yuba Sunday December 1st 2013
10 Apr 2013 April Club Meeting
07 Apr 2013 April 7th, 2013 (Sun) - Conservation Clean Up of Cordonices Creek
16 Mar 2013 30th Annual Grizzly Peak Fly Fishers Auction & Gala
09 Mar 2013 March 9th, 2013 (Sat) - Lower Yuba Day outing

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